A quick question.


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Are you bored?

It entertained me.

When relentlessly nagging my long-suffering boyfriend about my blog, begging for feedback and only getting non-committal grunts and the odd “yeah its okay, shush Wheeler Dealers is on”. I began to get a little bit needy and annoyed, i know so unlike a woman isn’t it, so i snatched the remote and threatened to delete his favourite programme if he didn’t give me a proper grown up and educated answer. It was a tall ask – sorry dear – but here is the one i received;

“yeah i think its fine, but i think you should write about interesting stuff, you know, like me. like how i was in the army working my butt of, but now i work 4 days a week doing nothing but playing on my ps3, and that i’m still bored.”

So thank you my darling, that is exactly what i’m going to do.

The idea of a twenty-five year old man being paid to play on his favourite game console and still being bored fascinated me, it made me wonder how many times an hour, day and week i utter the phrase “i’m bored” and how many times i hear other people say it. I seem to be surrounded by bored individuals at work, home and even when out shopping i see sullen teenagers loitering near my favourite shops professing their boredom (it’s rather irritating, why can’t they be bored where they aren’t in my way?!). I’m also sure that in your daily life you cant help but sigh out this annoying remark whilst others around you also join in your apparent apathy for life. It seems to have become an unavoidable and even fashionable statement of modern life, even the generations before us couldn’t help but proclaim it as badge of honour in their teenage years as can be seen in the ever hilarious film Shirley Valentine.

Many philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and other -ists have investigated and written about the prevalent theme of boredom in modern, and indeed ancient, society. According to ancient moral principles, we must censure idleness as we are under a “universal obligation” to contribute to society and “cultivate” ourselves personally. (Isis I, Leslie) So what happened to a society where to be idle was to be censured? Why is it now a badge of honour? Well according to many people much cleverer than i am, the prevalence of christianity in western countries took the responsibility for morality from the individual and put it onto the clergy. So essentially we were removed from being to blame for not upholding those once very personal obligations to censure idleness. Now i do not blame christianity or religion i merely quoting some ideas google threw at me, so don’t please start a religious war against me.

Instead i would like to point out this idea that we were relieved from the responsibility of keeping ourselves busy for moral reasons and it has merely degenerated further and further, until the “youths today” are left with a society where doing nothing rewards them – rather than punishing them. We are in a country that is financially failing and yet we still hand out money to those who choose not to put any effort into working for their own living as it is more profitable and enjoyable to simply have it handed to them.

Okay, so not all people who say they are bored are people sat at home waiting for their invite to the Jeremy Kyle show. But that does not mean that they are not squandering the many advantages to life in this modern society. Look around the average living room in the western world and i am sure you will find an overly large tv, many games consoles and god knows how many other gadgets and gizmos. So many toys for the people of today to play with that we cannot help but be overly saturated in the modern culture of having things. And i am no exception, even during my uni years i found myself idling on the sofa sighing and complaining of boredom when i had a room packed with a tv, laptop, dvds, books, gadgets and a sparkly glitter lamp which would entertain even the poet laureate with its sparkles. So i cannot help but conclude that as a society goes, we are simply spoilt. We have too many choices and too much stuff to live a truly fulfilled life.

So there, my dearest darling boyfriend is my post dedicated to the inspiration you daily bring to my life. Now excuse me whilst i go and watch a film on my iPod, text on my iPhone and load up my latest book on my eReader.


A quick thought that went awry.


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Whilst at work the other day I was stood outside waiting to be ridiculously busy and found myself staring up into the sky to a full moon that was directly above me lighting the roofs of the houses opposite. Now I am not a simpleton and know that the light from the moon can be very powerful on a clear night where there are no lights to impede it. But a thought struck me – How would we cope if all the electric failed and all that lit the street, town, country was moonlight?

Just imagine it, your street is completely blacked out as you scrabble for candles, torches, anything that will give you some light… To many people this is something out of nightmares as they are left alone in the dark. And i cannot deny that for many ill and elderly people it would definitely be terrifying to be alone in the dark and possibly with no way to help yourself find light or heat. But for me the question that followed on was how would the mass crowds of people react?

Following recent events, such as the riots and the apparent widespread culture of violence and gangs, it would seem the obvious answer would be that all “decent” folk would lock their doors and light their candles as the rest of the world went crazy looting and vandalising their local areas. Possibly burning buildings and attacking innocent bystanders like we saw in the appalling riots only months ago. And how would the emergency services cope with such an event? Without a single second of CCTV footage, unlike the earlier riots it would seem impossible to prosecute anybody other than those caught in the act, most people would go unpunished and unchecked until power was recovered. Not only this but how would the police, fire service or ambulance know which part of town to respond to? As most people would rely on their mobile phones which would probably be unable to be used with the towers being without power.

Yes, from such experiences as we have recently had it would be impossible to imagine how anything other than these events would occur. Without power in our towns, it could only descend into a madness and violence which mirrored the 1997 blackout of New York. Where 550 police officers were injured, 35 blocks of Broadway alone were destroyed and countless stores looted and set on fire.

However, such apocalyptic events were not the images that popped into my mind. I imagined countless people flooding onto the streets laughing over dripping candles and helping each other with their quickly de-frosting ice cream and dangerously warm beer. In short I imagined the Orange Cinema advert without even realising it…


Although you may scoff at my somewhat idealistic idea of the events that would follow such a blackout, it cannot be denied that in 2003 when much of North East America was faced with such a blackout, that these events did not occur. Yes many people were stranded in New York as the city’s streets became blocked by traffic, many were unable to contact home and had to stand in queues for payphones in the middle of a burgeoning heat wave. But there were also restaurants that simply cooked up what food they that would be spoiled, dished out their melting ice cream and turned many New York streets into an unusual block party that was simply not to be missed.

So where do you think you would be in such a situation? Locking yourself in your safe house with as many candles, torches and night vision goggles as you could gather expecting mayhem to explode throughout your town. Or would you be out on the street enjoying the novelty of the situation and making memories to last a lifetime?

A Quick Apology.


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I would like to sincerely apologise for my lack of postings, as it seems to have irritated certain people – Enviromint – and would like to explain for my apparent disappearance.

Due to being a poor working class grunt i have spent my last few weeks working silly shift patterns in order to spend every penny i have on everybody else in my life and family for the torturous and alcoholic affair that is christmas. As such i have had many observations on life around me and have even managed to create a few rough drafts of posts on my handy iPhone WordPress App…

Well i thought it was handy until logging into my computer and finding out that i cannot access them through my trusty laptop… So i will apologise to all two or three of my followers, Enviromint, and proceed to dribble my tea (tomato, pepper and Wensleydale soup NOM NOM) down my top as i copy up my posts.

I am now bored of apologising and shall begin to make up for my lack of postage…

A true apology.

A quick trip down memory lane.


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When i grow up i want to be... A Disney Princess?

Whilst out shopping for my advent calendar this year, I realised I was a little late- it already being the 1st of december – and as such i ended up with the only one left crammed on the bottom a Tesco shelf. It was a Disney princess one, all pink and pretty featuring some of Disney’s most famous leading ladies. And it got me thinking, about how Disney princesses have always been a part of my life in some way and how much, in my current penniless graduate life, I now envy them… Now I know all the feminists out there will be crying out in shock by that statement, but please just hear me out!

During my childhood I had the typical girly reaction to Disney’s impossibly beautiful heroines, I want to be one when I grow up. I wanted impossibly shiny hair and beautiful dresses that never got dirty no matter how many woods and dungeons and towers they were dragged through. I would tie my dressing gown belt in my hair as a ribbon and pretend my two younger brothers were actually 7 rather weird middle-aged dwarves; or put my mum’s necklace on my head as a tiara and dance around in her old wedding dress with my teddy bear pretending he was really the perfectly manicured Beast. And even though I knew that they weren’t real, and that I would never really have lots of beautiful little squirrels, birds and bunny rabbits follow me through my daily life, I still wanted to be them and to have my own life turn out so sparkly and perfect.

When I was at university I felt like my life was sorted, just not in the typical Disney fashion. I was doing a course I loved, living with some amazing people and generally having the time of my life. And of course in my mind when I finished uni it would all seamlessly melt into a new pattern where I simply went to work in my dream job instead of uni. And nothing would ruin that plan. So I felt quite smug, loving my life, having fond memories of my naive childhood and calmly looking forward to my triumphant adulthood. Who needed a pesky prince to come along and “rescue” me? I was finally living my life and getting things wrong on my own and even fixing them on my own, the last thing I wanted was hair that looks like it takes way too much effort to deal with when all I want to do is go and drink too much OR a prince to whisk me away to some big pretty house and make me his wife. I was living my life and loving it.

Needless to say that unlike a Disney film, my life has yet to end with a happily ever  after. I neither spend my days with the most sparkly necklace balanced on my head dancing to our record player (yes RECORD player) nor do I spend them sat in a lecture hall counting down the minutes until pub-time. Instead I am sat at home after the daily grind looking at those smug heroines smile out at me from the only advent calendar left on the shelf.

And yet, I have to ask myself why are they smug? Or I suppose why do I think they are?

Well! To be honest I find it ridiculously difficult not to envy a desperately beautiful woman, with an impossibly small waist, shiny hair, great outfits, amazing shoes and a life in which all their dreams have come true. Yes it may have been because their princes have finally arrived and married them and taken them to their beautiful palaces. But you know what they may have used their power as Queens and whatnot to open Universities, travel the world, save the sharks, or even open a kick ass cupcake shop. Who knows? All I know is that after many years I have finally reached a point in my life where I am wishing life was just as simple and as beautiful as a Disney film.

A quick disclaimer.


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I know this will sound like just another ranting desperate graduate blog. But after all, many of the ranting graduate blogs out there at the minute are the most interesting and amusing things to read. Although I’m not sure I can claim that BusyNothings will come close to such ingenious hilarity and intelligent wit, instead a mere chuckle or even a smile from a single reader would keep me happily on top of my soapbox.

Anyway hopefully I won’t be as remiss at keeping up with this blog as I am with other things in my life, such as my car tax which may have been a few days late (oops!). So read on and I hope you enjoy the occasional giggle as I witter away my graduate days =]