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Thanks to WordPress i have now managed to find an explanation for this quite strange post i am about to write. Those little quotes they give you after each post, along with details on how many posts you have written have given me the words to explain the strange idea that has been swimming about in my head for a few weeks but that i couldn’t seem to find a way to voice.

My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living” Anais Nin

Over the past few weeks whilst i worked, whilst i shopped, chatted with friends, cleaned the poop of my adorable hedgehog’s wheel i have come up with many little ideas for posts and titles for those posts. As you can tell i have a neat little habit of all my posts being “A quick…” so this gives me quite a bit to ponder over whenever the inspiration to put down one of my ideas becomes concrete. What on earth am i going to call this one?

So instead of pondering this over by myself i thought i would write down a few of those titles which i have thought of “in the midst of living” and leave to you to ponder what they may have been about. Because to be honest i cannot remember what half of them were really going to be and i am ashamed to admit that my creative writing tutor’s annoying obsession with keeping a Day Journal now does not seem so stupid…

A quick scout around.

A quick clean up.

A quick rant about the youth today.

A quick bit of advice concerning drunken texting.

A quick thought on butter.

A quick download.

A quick thought on loss.

A quick quote from Harriet Walker.

A quick plug.

A quick pluck.

A quick question concerning frames.

A quick coffee alone.

A quick change of mind.

And so on and so on… Now i am of to be me a day journal!