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I honestly believe the most exciting thing about staying home all day is the possibility of what the postman might bring today!

Now i know that is a bold claim to make what with the astounding brilliance that is day time TV – i mean seriously Jeremy Kyle? Dr Quinn Medicine Woman? where would we be without these gems.

My claim also ignores the fact that staying home allows you to simply wear the most comfortable clothes on earth fluffy pyjamas and walk around with a quilt wrapped around you – even in the summer.

Oh but that is also ignoring how being in the house all day mid week means a million cups of tea made by yourself this is true, but at least you know that they will be just right! And yes this may mean copious amounts of washing up and tea stained kitchen sides but at least you arent being charged some ridiculous amount in a darkened coffee shop to get it in a pretentious mug covered in caramel goop.

But anyway back to my claim, post is the best part of the day. It could just be a letter from said darkened coffee shop with free samples, or a letter from some long lost relative who has decided you shall be the heir to their million pound fortune (i wish). Or in my case a long awaited parcel from Amazon. Yes, you heard me right a parcel from Amazon. What is that? Oh its a knock at the door! I can almost taste the excitement in the air as i run and fight the two idiots who try to beat me to the door (the idiots being my over excited german shepherds) but no! This is MY parcel i can feel it.

And YES!!!!

I knew i loved you Mr Postman.

Now excuse me whilst i immerse myself in the world of George R.R. Martin.