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After what seems like forever i have finally returned to my long quiet blog to give a quick apology and try to make a small explanation. I know it has been such a long time since i have posted and i will hopefully be better at keeping up with this in the future.

But for now i would like to say that i have been going through an… interesting… few months which havent been the best time of my life but hey it wouldnt be life if it was all smiles and bunny rabbits?

So i return to you now as the quickly aging single girl who reads way too much and pretends that the future is eons away and not knocking frantically on my door screaming at me to let them in.

As a testament to this i have begun to read more books than i even managed at university in the hopes of escaping into someone else’s world and have included a new little man into my world. My pet hedgehog Brian!!!! He is my three month old little ball of grumpy spikes who snores when he falls asleep on my chest and eats scrambled egg like it was his last meal.

So here is a picture of my little cutie and an almost solemn promise to be much more committed to this blog in future!