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How many numbers do you think are lodged in your brain? Whilst at work today i stood for five minutes putting in the code to get through the staff door, getting rather annoyed because it was wasting my break time, that was until i realised – they changed the bloody code the other week and i’m still putting in the old one. With this in mind it made me wonder just how many codes, pins, passwords and usernames i have to remember just to be able to cope with daily life.

So i tried to remember as many different codes, pins, passwords and usernames as i could; and even the list of how many i could remember became another number that messed with my head! From the door alarm code, to my clocking in number, to the pin numbers for my debit cards, my boyfriend’s and my parent’s, numerous phone numbers and so many online accounts with passwords and usernames that i totally lost count. It made me wonder why so many numbers were necessary in my daily life.

Of course in this modern world technology and banking are places where the bad guys can easily pretend to be me and go spend way too many pennies on freddos or post on twitter that i like to pretend to be a chicken in my spare time. Who knows what else they could do that my innocent little mind could not think off?! With this thought, i do understand that all these numbers are in place to protect my few pennies and to stop people from pretending to be me. But in the words of Drew Barrymore’s character ‘Mary’ in He’s just not that into you – “I miss the days when you had one phone number and one answering machine”

And i have to agree with her, i do miss the time in my life where it didn’t take me an hour to do the most simplest of tasks just because i have forgotten the appropriate pin number to do it with. So on a final note, just how many numbers, passwords and usernames do you have to remember for everyday life? And does it drive you crazy too?

Right now im off to find the stupid logging in machines so i can remember the codes  to use them so i can log on to my internet banking…