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Having survived three years at university, two years at college and what felt like a lifetime at highschool i, like most people, have developed a way to ready myself for any major essay or project.

And it drives my mother crazy.

Although i someday dream of owning my own house with a little room where i can fill three walls with books and the fourth with a giant desk which i can arrange in whatever insane fashion i prefer. For now im stuck at home having to use my bed as my little work environment. And here is where the problems with my mother begin.

I begin by placing my laptop smack bang in the middle, and then surrounding myself with whatever relevant papers, books, notepads, diaries or any other scrap piece of paper i feel will be necessary to complete my task. Alongside this wide array  of paper and books i also make sure i have the necessary provisions such as snacks, drinks and magazines in case i lose interest in my project. Then just to make sure i am fully ready to begin my work i scatter a few random things around such as the things that surround me now – my kindle, my hairbrush, the tv remote (even though it is turned of at the plug), my handbag as well as a blanket so i don’t get chilly.

So now i am sure you can imagine the chaos that surrounds me, and yet this is what i need to be able to make my mental juices flow. To be able to fully concentrate on what i am writing or researching i need my own little brand of organised chaos. Even though it will forever cause disagreements with my mother, room-mates or future husbands.

Now i wonder, what little arrangement do you need to help you concentrate on your projects?? Or am i the only little loony who needs a complete mess to help her concentrate.