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For anyone who knows my family they will be able to easily believe this little story.

In my house, most, inanimate objects are attributed with names and personalities – and become very sad if you try to abandon them or leave them alone in the house. I can already hear the disbelief, an example of this is when I was in my early teens we went to Blackpool pleasure beach and my mum found a rubber frog toy on the road with nobody in sight, it would be simply impossible to leave him alone when it would be dark soon. That frog is now still sat in our family bathroom and regularly talked to by passing visitors.

As such it often makes me wonder about the story and lives of other objects in my house, like my favourite pen at the minute a simple Biro from a Blackpool institution – that may or may not have been accidentally acquired from someone else. This pen was lent to me by my beaver scout leader, and was innocently not returned (I’m so sorry) by accident of course. So already this pen has had several owners and traveled lancashire, has been rescued from my boyfriend trying to steal it for work and my mum trying to steal it to write Christmas cards. And I wonder where else this seemingly un-important little object will end up before it ends in a landfill, oh no sorry a recycling plant.

So next time you find yourself with a pen from god knows where, I hope you remember my little story and entertain yourself for a while imagining the life behind that wandering pen.

Just have to hope that it doesn’t have a similar life as this one told by Cult and Paste!