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Are you bored?

It entertained me.

When relentlessly nagging my long-suffering boyfriend about my blog, begging for feedback and only getting non-committal grunts and the odd “yeah its okay, shush Wheeler Dealers is on”. I began to get a little bit needy and annoyed, i know so unlike a woman isn’t it, so i snatched the remote and threatened to delete his favourite programme if he didn’t give me a proper grown up and educated answer. It was a tall ask – sorry dear – but here is the one i received;

“yeah i think its fine, but i think you should write about interesting stuff, you know, like me. like how i was in the army working my butt of, but now i work 4 days a week doing nothing but playing on my ps3, and that i’m still bored.”

So thank you my darling, that is exactly what i’m going to do.

The idea of a twenty-five year old man being paid to play on his favourite game console and still being bored fascinated me, it made me wonder how many times an hour, day and week i utter the phrase “i’m bored” and how many times i hear other people say it. I seem to be surrounded by bored individuals at work, home and even when out shopping i see sullen teenagers loitering near my favourite shops professing their boredom (it’s rather irritating, why can’t they be bored where they aren’t in my way?!). I’m also sure that in your daily life you cant help but sigh out this annoying remark whilst others around you also join in your apparent apathy for life. It seems to have become an unavoidable and even fashionable statement of modern life, even the generations before us couldn’t help but proclaim it as badge of honour in their teenage years as can be seen in the ever hilarious film Shirley Valentine.

Many philosophers, psychologists, sociologists and other -ists have investigated and written about the prevalent theme of boredom in modern, and indeed ancient, society. According to ancient moral principles, we must censure idleness as we are under a “universal obligation” to contribute to society and “cultivate” ourselves personally. (Isis I, Leslie) So what happened to a society where to be idle was to be censured? Why is it now a badge of honour? Well according to many people much cleverer than i am, the prevalence of christianity in western countries took the responsibility for morality from the individual and put it onto the clergy. So essentially we were removed from being to blame for not upholding those once very personal obligations to censure idleness. Now i do not blame christianity or religion i merely quoting some ideas google threw at me, so don’t please start a religious war against me.

Instead i would like to point out this idea that we were relieved from the responsibility of keeping ourselves busy for moral reasons and it has merely degenerated further and further, until the “youths today” are left with a society where doing nothing rewards them – rather than punishing them. We are in a country that is financially failing and yet we still hand out money to those who choose not to put any effort into working for their own living as it is more profitable and enjoyable to simply have it handed to them.

Okay, so not all people who say they are bored are people sat at home waiting for their invite to the Jeremy Kyle show. But that does not mean that they are not squandering the many advantages to life in this modern society. Look around the average living room in the western world and i am sure you will find an overly large tv, many games consoles and god knows how many other gadgets and gizmos. So many toys for the people of today to play with that we cannot help but be overly saturated in the modern culture of having things. And i am no exception, even during my uni years i found myself idling on the sofa sighing and complaining of boredom when i had a room packed with a tv, laptop, dvds, books, gadgets and a sparkly glitter lamp which would entertain even the poet laureate with its sparkles. So i cannot help but conclude that as a society goes, we are simply spoilt. We have too many choices and too much stuff to live a truly fulfilled life.

So there, my dearest darling boyfriend is my post dedicated to the inspiration you daily bring to my life. Now excuse me whilst i go and watch a film on my iPod, text on my iPhone and load up my latest book on my eReader.