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I would like to sincerely apologise for my lack of postings, as it seems to have irritated certain people – Enviromint – and would like to explain for my apparent disappearance.

Due to being a poor working class grunt i have spent my last few weeks working silly shift patterns in order to spend every penny i have on everybody else in my life and family for the torturous and alcoholic affair that is christmas. As such i have had many observations on life around me and have even managed to create a few rough drafts of posts on my handy iPhone WordPress App…

Well i thought it was handy until logging into my computer and finding out that i cannot access them through my trusty laptop… So i will apologise to all two or three of my followers, Enviromint, and proceed to dribble my tea (tomato, pepper and Wensleydale soup NOM NOM) down my top as i copy up my posts.

I am now bored of apologising and shall begin to make up for my lack of postage…

A true apology.